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PraxinoscopePraxinoscope Animation Classic Vintage Optical Illusion Toy
The Praxinoscope is similar to a Zoetrope, however the images are reflected in the central prism of mirrors as you spin the top. (The Zoetrope you see the moving images through slits in the outer casing.
The number of mirrors is 12 which is equal to the number illustrations, and the images are seen are reflected in the mirrors. 
When the cylinder is turned manually, a rapid succession of images are reflected in the opposite mirror and seem to move. 
The praxinoscope was patented by the Frenchman Emile Reynaud in 1877.
Material: Zamac brass bathed base, black plastic ABS case w/mirrors, 20 printed coloured paper strips.
Size: Height: 22 cm Diameter 20cm Weight: 1300g Praxinoscope Animation

This is a modern replica of a traditional Praxinoscope. 


Just insert an animation strip, spin the drum and look in the mirrors. The pictures instantly spring to life! 

Change the 20 included picture strips at will. 


The included instruction booklet provides a history of this classic invention, explains how it works.


The Animated Strips are of the following:

  • Man running
  • Horse running
  • Lady looking in mirror
  • 2 seals throwing ball to each other with their nosePraxinoscope_Buy
  • Big Fat man rolling/head over heals
  • Male Gymnast
  • Another male gymnast
  • 2 young girls dancing
  • Lady jumping over water bucket
  • Jack in a box
  • 2 men hammering
  • Tiger running
  • Lady and man dancing
  • Man juggling and rolling a barrel
  • Rocking horse
  • Ballerina
  • Circus act of man jumping through a circle
  • Man taking hat/head on and off
  • 2 kids jumping over each other
  • Dancing cartoon man

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